10th April 2018

What a country to visit! I thought New Zealand was hands down the most beautiful country that I had ever visited, but Canada is right up there with it. However, maybe next time, I might go when it’s a tiny bit warmer. Visiting in February was so so cold and a scary -27, I am […]

8th February 2018

Currently I am sat at Gatwick airport, about to board a flight to Canada to visit two of my favourite Canadian gals and I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I saw them. We met while traveling around South East Asia at the end of 2016, I carried on to Laos then headed […]

17th March 2017

It safe to say the start of my 2016 was beyond shit. I had been through some major changes in my personal life and frankly felt a little lost, so I decided it was time to stop talking about travelling and to finally book my South East Asia dream trip. However it was a bit […]