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I’m not going to lie, I HATE having my photo taken, I find the whole thing really intimidating and always feel really awkward in front of the camera. So I can completely understand why couples don’t always jump at the chance of an engagement shoot and are apprehensive at spending extra money. But if your […]


January 16, 2019

Is it worth having an engagement shoot?

Struggling with how to start searching for a killer wedding venue? Not only is it probably the biggest and most expensive decision you will have to make but it will more than likely be the first major decision you will face, in what will inevitably be a wedding planning minefield. Just a little bit daunting, […]


January 10, 2019

Looking for the Perfect Wedding Venue? Here’s our top tips!

First and foremost I am a photographer, so I feel bit like I’m cheating on my photos when I say, I bloody love making wedding films. They just always give me all the feels and my couples love them too! It doesn’t take a genius to realise weddings are expensive and wedding films often don’t […]


January 6, 2019

Is a Wedding Film worth it?

Firstly lets say a HUGE congratulations on your engagement! It’s an exciting time, but I’m guessing you’re a little overwhelmed at where to start when in comes to planning the wedding. I know it’s easy to say but try not to panic and remember it is just one day of what will hopefully be a […]


January 3, 2019

SH*T I’m Engaged // How do I plan a Wedding?

Do you use a second shooter?+ Yes, I always shoot with a second shooter so you have a greater variation and additional perspective in your pictures. Do you offer a mid week discount?+ If you are getting married Monday – Thursday I can offer you a sneaky 10% discount. How much is there a booking fee?+ A £300 booking fee is […]


December 18, 2018

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