Super Stylish Wedding at Cripps Stone Barn Wedding // Emily & Josh

Now this is a fun wedding that I won’t ever forget, not just because the styling was so on point and the venue was lovely BUT because Emily is my cousin and I had my whole crazy family fan girl-ing me all day.

Emily and Josh got married last November at the awesome Cripps Stone Barn, which is a stunning barn venue in the Cotswolds. They had their ceremony at the same venue as the reception, which was great having everything all in one venue. They chose Stone Barn because it’s so cosy and relaxed and they just fell in love with it. It was a odd wedding, which INSERT COUSIN. I love shooting civil ceremony weddings because they’re always so chilled. I love being in the countryside and Stone barn has truly beautiful views across the Cotswolds but furthermore the barn itself has a relaxed, rustic charm and the food was AMAZING.

Emily got ready at a local B&B with her mother & her bridesmaid squad, and the atmosphere was full of excitement. Wendy, the brides mum, carefully arranged the flowers that would go into Emilys hair while Sarah, had me in hysterics panicking that she had had a sudden weight gain and the other bridesmaids were trying the squeeze her into a dress, which turned out wasn’t actually hers and was in fact one of the other bridesmaids, Sheilas who is tiny, and probably only around 5ft. Emily looked stunning in a dress and opted for all day comfort in her Vivienne Westwood Melissa flats. She then hopped into her dad Nigel’s classic MG sports car and they drove to the ceremony together, he even borrowed my sisters Biker hat to make it look more chauffeur like, much to my nan’s disappointment.

The wedding itself was touching and the ceremony room looked amazing, with colourful ribbons on the back of the seats and hug hanging leafy arrangement from the ceiling (it looked da hell of a lot better than my description sounds – sorry.) During the ceremony they read their own vows and it was a real tear-jerker. We spent the afternoon taking photos around the grounds and making the most of the sunshine, which was seriously lucky in November and we even treated to an amazing pink sunset. Again my nan was a little disappointed and possibly won’t forgive me for taking pictures of the pair in front of the venues corrugated iron exterior, however the rust and the textures just looked so cool and I do love a bold background! Within the venue itself they had decorated the venue with loads of Polaroids, picturing their relationship and also succulents and a huge collection of Gin bottles. They both ensure me that they had a terrible time sourcing the different types of Gin and then being forced to drink it. Tough work this wedding prep, Aye?

The funniest part of the day was the lego building contest, because I’ve never seen so many adults get so serious about building lego. The wedding party loved it and it quickly became very competitive and some might say biased when Emily and Josh got some of the kids at the wedding to judge the best build. At this point I must mention my dads stairway to heaven lego masterpiece which he had written heaven in lego above a some steps, which unfortunately was lost on the kids but made me to giggle. A firm crowd favourite was also a sculpture of Donald Trump which had the entire wedding party chanting “Trump, Trump, trump” for at least 10 minutes. Something I’m sure Josh could have never predicted would happen at his wedding. They also got the band, The Indie Killers, to perform, Misery Business by Emily’s favourite band Paramore during the party – it was hilarious! myself and the crowd went mental.

As I mentioned in the beginning, this was abit of a strange wedding for me as I was also a guest. I was spending Christmas with them so a bit of me couldn’t help but get a little nervous about doing an amazing job. But I was so unbelievably flattered that Emily & Josh asked me to be their wedding photographer, their day was everything that I love about weddings and it was so much fun.

“We’re so pleased Charlotte was our photographer for our big day. She captured us, our style and all our friends perfectly! We love how natural the photos are, Charlotte made us feel so relaxed and at ease while capturing the most beautiful memories of our day without being at all intrusive. She also created an awesome video for us, which we’d definitely recommend! It’s so fun to watch and will definitely be amazing to look back on in years to come. We couldn’t recommend Charlotte and Electric Blue enough!” Emily & Josh 

Here’s their awesome wedding! M`ke sure you scroll down to the bottom for their wedding video. If you’re getting married at Cripps Stone Barn wedding, get in touch!













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