Snapshot of Canada

What a country to visit! I thought New Zealand was hands down the most beautiful country that I had ever visited, but Canada is right up there with it. However, maybe next time, I might go when it’s a tiny bit warmer. Visiting in February was so so cold and a scary -27, I am a complete wuss when it comes to being cold, truth be told I try and avoid the freezer, god knows how I ever manage to Ski! BUT I did have the most amazing time despite my nose hairs freezing and spending the time shuffling round like the Michelin man with my millions of layers.

Truth be told, this was a bit of a last minute trip. At the end on 2016 I had a mad moment and went on a f*ck it trip of a lifetime around Asia, Australia & New Zealand and it was INCREDIBLE, I went to so many beautiful places and met some truly amazing people. So when one of the girls I had the joy of sharing a room round Asia with, Gemma messaged me to say she was planning to go to Canada to visit some other girls we had made friends with, I knew I just had to go. I mean I couldn’t let them have all the fun without me! We decided to go to Vancouver first where we hooked up with Gemma’s childhood friend Will & his girlfriend Krista, then we headed to Edmonton where our friends Katryna and Barb live before heading with them to Banff, with Katryna’s 4 week old baby in tow.

Everything we did was incredible and I’m so grateful to the girls and Will & Krista for taking the time out to show us around and making us feel so welcome. Unfortunately I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked, as I was just having so much fun! Or I was too cold and frightened about dropping a camera.But here’s a quick list of all the cool shit we got up to…

Snow shoeing in Mount Seymour

Shopping around Granville Island

Sea to sky Gondola in Squamish

Shannen falls

Cycling Stanley Park

Deep Cove


Lake Louise & Banff, and a seriously freezing sleigh ride.

Bison spotting aroiund Elke Island

Checking out some Ice Hockey at The Oilers

Bbqing & shooting in the snow

Here are a few of my favourite shots from an incredible few weeks!





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