Festival Disco Styled Shoot // The Wedding Crowd

HELLO Festival Vibes!! I swear, each time I shoot with The Wedding Crowd, I think how the hell our we going to beat that! Seriously every shoot, they manage to out do themselves and this festival shoot was no exception. The bad ass model Ellie-Mae rocked roller skates and had glitter nips AND it involved some of my favourite things – neon signs, mirror bralets, painted jackets and PINK, PINK and more PINK. It’s always great when the shoot vibe matches your hair, right? ;p

I was so chuffed when I was asked to do this shoot, as it’s completely left field to the shoots that The Wedding Crowd usually produce. Their style is usually dark and moody (like me,) but they through this shoot in for variety and I’m so glad that they recognised that I was the girl for the job! I bloody love festivals, I spend at least 6 months before a festival planning my wardrobe and I’ve manage to squeeze 4 of them into my busy wedding season. Even if you’re not getting married, its worth checking out this shoot and get some early outfit inspiration for the upcoming Festival Season!

The shoot took place in the basement of Love Thy Neighbour cafe, in the heart of Liverpool. I’m not going to lie, this did send me into a mild panic attack. Being a wedding photographer, I think I excel at taking photos in natural light, so having to photograph in a basement, where the whole room was pink with artificial light, was always going to be out of my comfort zone. HOWEVER I am obsessed with neon, with some of my all time favourite artists being Bruce Nauman, Jenny Holzer & Tracey Emin, and the Neon Graveyard in Vegas, being high up there on my photography bucket list. So I was up for the challenge and I was thrilled with the results. Everybody involved, was of such high standard, I was running around like a kid in a candy shop, but I’m not surprised at The Wedding Crowd only picks the coolest suppliers for their directory. We had such a giggle, pushing Ellie-Mae around on her Roller Skates, glittering her nips and behaving like school girls while gossiping about guys. Roll on the next shoot 😉

“Electric Blue has worked with us on numerous shoots now and is a solid favourite. Are we allowed to say that, or is it a bit of a favourite child situation? After displaying her impressive skills for our Halloween Wedding Shoot, we knew she would be the perfect candidate for this quirky styled shoot. Charlotte is not only lovely and bubbly, but a pleasure to work with. She has a great eye for angles and seems to always capture the mood we are going for. If you want a fun, laid-back photographer and friend for your big day, then she is your girl.” The Wedding Crowd.

Collective // The Wedding Crowd

MUA // Glamorama

Hair // Miracle Works

Skirt // Seni Dey 

Bralet // Claudia Pink 

Jacket // Painted Wild 

Stationary // Dragonfly Couture 




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