Antiques Store Wedding at Maltby Street Market // Katy & Dan

Dan is Canadian and Katy is British so decided on having two weddings, one in each country and I had the pleasure of shooting their London Wedding. I would have to describe Katy & Dan as my ideal clients, not only was their wedding quirky yet relaxed but they focused it on being uniquely their own and the day truly reflected them as a couple. The ceremony was held at Trinity House, an elegant & grand venue with the iconic Tower of London in the background and was a perfect mix of being short but beautiful, I was truly touched hearing the couples own vows to each other and the readings from their family’s.

After the ceremony then had a quick walk over to St Dunstable to take some couples shots while the guests boarded a Routemaster Bus headed to the reception venue. When we were done we grabbed a taxi and headed to join the guests, luckily for us as we approached the Tower Bridge it was up, so we managed to quickly take a few pictures on the iconic landmark. The day kept getting better and better as we arrived at their reception venue Lassco located at the trendy South-East Maltby Street Market. Lassco is a unique venue in that it is mainly an antiques store and seriously I had to refrain myself from buying everything they had. I was one happy girly as the guests and myself were treated to wrist bands which entitled us to AMAZING street food and unlimited cocktails (unfortunately I was driving so only Mocktails for me!)


Thanks so much for Katy & Dan for booking me it was a great day. Also a HUGE thank you to my girl Hannah for travelling all the way from Coventry to Second Shoot for me.




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