Frequently Asked Questions

How much is there a booking fee?
A £400 booking fee is needed at the time of booking to secure your date.

Can we meet up before the wedding?
We sure can! I love getting to know my couples before their big day. I believe you wedding photography should be a collaboration between us. So let’s become friends, let’s get to know each other and then work together to get some awesome photos. Don’t worry if you can’t fit this in or live to far away, we can always Skype.

Do you shoot same sex weddings?
I sure do! Loves love and it’s my aim to capture it!

Do you visit the venue before the day?
This isn’t something I tend to do as I like to be inspired in the moment and always aim to turn up to the venue with plenty of time to have a nosey around beforehand.

Who owns the copyright?
You will get a personal use license with your images that allows you to print, share and make your own own albums with. However I retain the copyright of the images.

Do you shoot anything other than weddings?
As well as weddings I also shoot family’s!

Do you make albums?
I strongly believe in getting your photos printed. There’s just something so special about having physical copies your memories. You can see my full range of albums and other products here.

You do group shots right?
Of course I do! I know some photographers try their best to avoid them and insist they are just for your parents but I’m really family orientated and know if it was me I would be gutted if I don’t have at least a couple with my crazy family. That being said they are time consuming so will advise doing these in moderation.

Can I send you a Pinterest board of pictures that I’d like?
You could but I find my pictures are best when they are spontaneous and candid. Copying someone else’s pictures is nearly impossible to do and stumps any photographers creativity.

When is the final balance due?
The final balance is always due on the first day of the month before your wedding. For example if you are getting married in June your final balance would be due on the 1st May.

You airbrush the images right?
I do not airbrush any of my pictures, my style of photography is honest. I aim to capture you in my photos so I won’t change or alter your appearance.




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